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Mead is the original fermented beverage, predating wine or beer. Our NEW Mead Making Kit helps you craft your own "honey wine" in just 4 weeks. Ready to get buzzed?

Making mead is as simple as combining honey, water & yeast. Drink it out of a goblet or a horn to channel the Vikings and ancient Romans who considered it to be the "nectar of the gods."


Our Mead brew kit comes with all of the supplies you need to homebrew mead at home: 

 * 1 gallon Glass Carboy 
 * Airlock 
 * Rubber Stopper 
 * Racking Cane + Tip 
 * Transfer Tubing + Tube Clamp 
 * Funnel 
 * Yeast 
 * Yeast Nutrients (2 packets)

 * Sanitizer

 * Guide to Making Mead 
*Honey not included in our mead starter kit.


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