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Mountain House
Freeze-Dried Food for all climates & adventures since 1969

Offering great taste and convenience, these options are perfect for hiking, camping, and various on-the-go activities.

Your Favorites are available in-store and will soon be available online too!

Mountain House-breakfast-skillet-pouch_540x.webp
Mountain House-mint-chocolate-chip-ice-cream-sandwich-pouch_540x.webp
Mountain House-chicken-and-rice-pro-pak-main_540x.webp

Emergency Preparedness Food for Long-Term Storage up to 30 years.

Whether aiming for a PR, bagging your next peak, conquering the backcountry, or completing a successful mission, Pro-Paks are designed with the protein, calories, and nutrition you need to achieve peak performance in any environment. 

Mountain HOuse ChiliMacwithBeef_10Can_540x.webp
Mountain House-essential-bucket_540x.webp
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