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How do you start a BLOG?

Have you ever considered starting a BLOG? Why would anyone want to read or listen to your BLOG? How would they read or listen to your BLOG? Well . . . if you have a brick & mortar store along with a website then . . . maybe that's the "HOW". People who shop at our store . . . maybe they would like to hear what you have to say or write.

Currently, we sit in a hotel room preparing for a trade show tomorrow. We are planning out our method of attack on this MEGA Show in French Lick, Indiana. So, I guess there is no better time than now as we are about to embark a MEGA Show. We will meet a lot of our wholesalers/suppliers for camping, sporting, and other products and we will share the experience with you. We will see their new products, find new products our shoppers have asked for and discover the undiscovered products!

So Stay tuned . . .

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